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December 17, 2014 | WXPN · Hailu Mergia, a keyboard player and Ethiopian music star who lives in the U.S., will get you anywhere you need to go in our nation’s capital.

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December 13, 2014 | NPR · When record producer Ian Brennan met the Malawi Mouse Boys, they were selling mice as roadside snacks and singing together in church. Now, they’ve released two albums and toured the U.S.

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December 13, 2014 | NPR · There is so, so much good music being made all around the world — stunningly beautiful, deeply thought-provoking and powered by great beats. Here are 10 of our top picks for 2014.

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December 8, 2014 | NPR · The saxophonist’s annual celebration of the year’s longest night is a tradition dating back to 1980. This year’s program features Brazilian singers Ivan Lins and Renato Braz.

December 4, 2014 | NPR · For a moment it actually moves me — the incredible diversity of this music we lump into the umbrella category “reggae.” And that I share a profound passion with such a disparate crowd of folks.

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November 26, 2014 | NPR · A young performer who named herself Morning was sunny and shining into her 80s. The flirtatious Lebanese singer and actress was a superstar throughout the Arab world.

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November 20, 2014 | NPR · NPR’s Anastasia Tsioulcas recently returned from an international world-music festival. Here, she joins Alt.Latino to share some of her thrilling finds.

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November 6, 2014 | NPR · From classical and rock to jazz and world music, the saxophone has invaded many cultures and styles. Try this quiz celebrating the bicentennial of the instrument’s inventor, Adolphe Sax.

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November 3, 2014 | WXPN · The L.A. band fuses Latin rhythms with funk, Afrobeat and jazz to produce an incendiary effect.

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November 1, 2014 | NPR · KPFK’s Betto Arcos joins NPR’s Arun Rath to share a genre-bending mix of songs from Mexico. Dive into a frenetic blend of cumbia, funk, jazz, flamenco, norteño and more.


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December 18, 2014 | NPR · U.S. intelligence officials claim that North Korea was centrally involved in the hack against Sony. That’s major news in the world of cyberwarfare, where nation states typically make covert attacks.

December 18, 2014 | NPR · Polar bears continue to take a hit in regions with the greatest loss of snow and ice, the latest report card on the Arctic shows. Meanwhile, plankton are thriving as the sea heats up.

December 18, 2014 | NPR · Iraqi security forces are training with the goal of reclaiming territory lost to the Islamic State. Police at a camp near the front line say such a battle would be personal.

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December 17, 2014 | NPR · The recent attack on Sony Pictures’ computer network that resulted in a flood of confidential data has its origins in North Korea, U.S. intelligence officials say.

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December 17, 2014 | NPR · Louis Zamperini was an Olympian before he enlisted in World War II and became a prisoner of war. Jolie says he told her to “make a film that reminds people that they have greatness inside themselves.”

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December 17, 2014 | NPR · As an African-American Annie arrives on movie screens, critic Bob Mondello looks at other cross-cultural reinventions, from Pearl Bailey’s Dolly to the Americanization of Carmen as Carmen Jones.


December 18, 2014 | NPR · Renee Montagne talks with Miles Hoffman about the history of Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker Suite. Hoffman is the violist of the American Chamber Players, and authored The NPR Classical Music Companion.

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December 18, 2014 | · As New York prepares for its January music marathon, watch performances from last year, including Gretchen Parlato, Donald Harrison, Rudy Royston, Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey and Hypnotic Brass Ensemble.

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December 18, 2014 | · This year marked the passing of legends like Charlie Haden, Horace Silver and Gerald Wilson. Hear their great live performances from the vault, and highlights remembrances from loved ones.

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