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April 24, 2015 | NPR · The rapper isn’t using a headhunter. He’s interviewing applicants for the position of fulltime blunt roller himself.

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April 21, 2015 | NPR · A lighthearted chat with the four-man crew at SXSW 2015 turns into a deep conversation about social responsibility and self-determination for black artists.

April 16, 2015 | NPR · Public Enemy producer Hank Shocklee talks about hip-hop’s often overlooked influence on technology and the current state of the genre with Microphone Check.

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April 16, 2015 | NPR · The rapper’s son has changed Boogie’s outlook on life: “I need to show him that he can be strong where he at and make a difference in this world.”

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April 13, 2015 | NPR · “It’s when you step out of the community that you get to look at it through a lens where you might be able to help,” says the Queens rapper. “But then you’re so far out of it, how do you get back in?”

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April 12, 2015 | NPR · Sprawling over 14 songs and two dozen vocal acts, Welcome To Los Santos still holds together as a diverse, modern West Coast rap album, complete with heavy rock, electro and funk influences.

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April 10, 2015 | NPR · This week we’re introducing a mini-podcast from All Songs Considered for conversations about news, songs, musicians that have captured our imagination.

April 6, 2015 | NPR · A writer and producer of Empire spoke to Microphone Check about which subplots on the TV show come from hip-hop history and the ways its central storyline is particularly American.

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April 3, 2015 | NPR · At 21, English rapper Little Simz knows she’s destined for big things. Then again, she always did. “Sometimes I look into the audience and I see people singing my lyrics like they wrote it,” she says.

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March 30, 2015 | NPR · Jean Grae is a rapper, a singer, a writer, a comedian and an actress. She doesn’t run out of ideas. Her most recent album is called That’s Not How You Do That: An Instructional Album For Adults.


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April 25, 2015 | KQED · The notion of receiving nutrition advice from artificial intelligence on your wrist may seem like science fiction. But health developers are betting this kind of behavior will become the norm.

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April 25, 2015 | NPR · The cause of Wall Street’s flash crash has been debated ever since it happened. Officials arrested a lone trader working in his parents’ London home, but some question whether he was really to blame.

April 25, 2015 | NPR · The powerful temblor hit north of the capital Kathmandu, toppling buildings in the capital. Dozens were also killed people in neighboring India, China and Bangladesh.

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April 25, 2015 | NPR · Maureen Gibbon’s new novel, Paris Red, delves into the life of Victorine Meurent, Manet’s favorite model and the central figure in some of his most famous paintings.

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April 25, 2015 | NPR · Nobel laureate Morrison reflects on her life and her regrets; Maureen Corrigan reviews a reissue of four of Macdonald’s 1950s novels; SNL alum Forte discusses comedy and Bruce Dern’s acting advice.

April 25, 2015 | NPR · We asked poet Craig Morgan Teicher to find a poem to illuminate a recent news event. He says the capsized boat in the Mediterranean Sea made him think of Derek Mahon’s “A Disused Shed in Co. Wexford.”


April 25, 2015 | NPR · An acoustic quartet from Kiev, Ukraine whose music encompasses rhythms and sounds from around the world, while remaining joyfully unique. Plus, they wear amazing hats.

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April 25, 2015 | NPR · Hatred of bands is often about association — about the story of ourselves that we’re comfortable telling the world.

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April 25, 2015 | NPR · The French musician Colleen has added lyrics to her music after more than 10 years of being strictly instrumental.

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