About The Big Something

The Big Something is one amazing/beautiful/fascinating/brilliant/intelligent thing about or from the Pikes Peak Region delivered to the web and email inboxes around the region every weekday.

Produced by Noel Black, Craig Richardson and Delaney Utterback at Radio Colorado College, KRCC, the original idea was to expand the station’s programming and content in a web-only format with a “show” that would be a sort of cultural archaeology project for the Pikes Peak Region. Using audio-slideshows, photos, videos, writing, good old-fashioned audio and anything else the web will allow, The Big Something hopes to expand the sense of regional identity and community beyond the old clichés by uncovering, showing and telling stories and ideas that might otherwise go untold with a sense of one-to-one intimacy that radio evokes.

Noel Black is a Colorado Springs native. He has worked as a print journalist, blogger and radio producer from San Francisco and New York City, but has always considered Colorado Springs home. noel (at) krcc (dot) org

Craig Richardson was born unto the world via the hospitality of one Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs.  He suffered a spiral fracture to his right femur just prior to his third birthday whilst engaged in horseplay at a certain United Methodist church in downtown Colorado Springs.  Craig had additional injury delivered to the very same leg (ankle) following a skydiving tragedy at the Fremont County Airport near Canon City, CO.  Depsite these brushes with death, Craig serves as an inspiration by continuing to participate in all aspects of civic life with the notable exceptions of Ye Olde Skydiveries and churches of any stripe.  craig (at) krcc (dot) org

Delaney Utterback, also a Springs native, is the General Manager of KRCC, the webmeister and the man with his hand on the rudder. delaney (at) krcc (dot) org


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