Palmer High School Student, Graham Gale, came to us with an idea to combine two of her interests – local history & public media – for a school project. Graham visited the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum and found the scrapbook of a young woman who lived in the rather different Colorado Springs of 100 years ago. In the video above, Graham shares the insights she garnered in comparing the Colorado Springs of Mary Kyle’s time to the city it has become.



2 Responses to The Pages of Mary Kyle

  1. kathryn says:

    Graham: What a great project. I’ll bet you are changed by entering Mary Kyle’s life. I especially like your comments about the difference between social media messaging and personal written messages, and the legacy of both. Thanks for this thoughtful piece.

  2. elizabeth osborne says:

    really enjoyed the history lesson graham,its so nice to see a young lady such as yourself taking an interest in colo sprgs history .maybe you should make a scrapbook about you’re life so future young women can enjoy you’re life story !


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