This week on Off Topic, we take a close and critical look at the institution of marriage. Why do we do it? What do we hope it will be? What is it really? How has it changed?

In this episode:

  • Professor Stillman battles a pesky woodpecker, and in so doing, comes face to face with the realities of domesticity.
  • Steven Hayward speaks with Pulitzer Prize nominee, Anne Hyde, about the history of marriage and the ways in which social and economic changes have molded people’s perceptions of matrimony over the last 200 years.
  • Kathy Giuffre and her husband Jonathan Poritz tell the story of their transcontinental courtship.
  • Photographer JoAnn Verburg and her husband, poet Jim Moore, reflect on the role of art in their marriage, and the role of marriage in their art.
  • Kathy Giuffre speaks with Ryan Conrad, of the radical queer publishing and arts collective, Against Equality, about the issue of LGBT marriage. They discuss Conrad’s claim that true equality will not come from the legalization of gay marriage, but rather from the destruction of the very institution of marriage as it currently exists.

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