Pueblo County emergency officials are running a biennial survey in a continuous effort to improve the readiness of people who live there. KRCC’s Eliza Densmore reports.

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The Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program puts out the survey, which asks about knowledge of emergency procedures, trust in local authorities, and confidence in an emergency situation. The survey began in 2004 to assess how residents living near the U.S. Army Chemical Depot would respond in the event of an accident.

But as Pueblo County Emergency Services Bureau spokeswoman Lisa Shorter says, they’ve expanded it to include the entire Pueblo community.

“It’s not just about an incident on post, it’s now about a disaster in the community. So things like emergency kits and sheltering in place and evacuation, have to do with all levels of disaster, and we’re able to tailor our emergency messaging that way. And so the questions now aren’t specific to just an incident on post.”

Officials are using new survey techniques, such as an online questionnaire and a call-in line, in hopes of reaching more citizens. Results are expected by late March and are used to determine where improvement is most needed in the community, among other things.

The survey is open through Saturday; to participate, residents are encouraged to call 800-394-5726 between 5 PM and 10 PM, or visit puebloreadysurvey.com.


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