Theresa Strader, founder of the National Mill Dog Rescue, discusses the moment the organization was born in February, 2007 and its subsequent meteoric growth. Since its inception, NMDR has rescued over 7,000 dogs from puppy mills across the United States.

National Mill Dog Rescue pledged to put an end to the cruelty of the commercial dog breeding industry, more commonly known as puppy milling. Through rescue and education, NMDR continues in its life-saving work while enlightening the public about the truth of pet store puppies. NMDR has taken a national approach to their rescue and adoption efforts and they have rescued and placed over 6,000 mill dogs since their inception in 2007. These dogs are now living as cherished family members across the United States.

In November, 2012, Strader was featured in People Magazine as a “Hero Among Us” which you can read HERE.

You can find more information about the National Mill Dog Rescue at their website,

This segment was produced in collaboration with Rocky Mountain PBS as part of the Women and Girls Lead initiative.

Theresa Strader


4 Responses to National Mill Dog Rescue: An Interview with Founder, Theresa Strader

  1. Mary Ellen Davis says:

    Thanks for this report, and I hope you’ll do more on this subject.

  2. Carol says:

    Thanks for featuring Theresa Strader and her incredible organization National Mill Dog Rescue!

  3. Robert Udy says:

    Thank you – I have the best dog from NMDR and she is happy to be safe and cared for – she enjoyes going to vets, groomers and dog parks. She is a better dog every day she is cared for/

  4. Kerry says:

    Thank you for helping to bring this subject into the mainstream!


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