Colorado College English professor and Canadian, Steven Hayward presents a primer of sorts for fed-up Americans who’ve proclaimed, for myriad reasons, that they’ve had it with America and now they’re moving to Canada.

Steven Hayward, CanadianSteven Hayward is a novelist and short story writer born in Toronto, Canada. The eldest of two brothers, he attended the University of Toronto and York University, and now teaches in the English Department at Colorado College, in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Hayward’s most recent novel is the Canadian National Bestseller, Don’t Be Afraid. Set in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, it tells the story seventeen-year-old Jim Morrison–not the lead singer of the Doors who died a rock ‘n’ roll death in 1971, but a chubby seventeen-year-old living in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, who was born days after the singer’s death.


7 Responses to microLECTURE: So, You’ve Finally Decided You’re Moving to Canada

  1. joyce cheney says:

    Very helpful. I just sent the link to a colleague who is investigating moving to Canada to escape our nation’s naive environmental fantasies and impending and already-upon-us climate changes. Oh wait. Aren’t Canadians digging up tar sands oil?

  2. Mary Ellen Davis says:

    Merci! I roared.

  3. russ johnson says:

    The biggest challenge I had, when working briefly in Winnipeg, was remembering to say “pro-cess” instead of – “praw-cess”. Amazing how often the word came up.

  4. Carol Peterson says:

    Thanks for the smile.

  5. Michael DiFranco says:

    Good fun! More microlectures please! Hilarious and thought- provoking but still respectful. That isn’t easy. Here’s hoping Professor Hayward and this production team do more of these. Thanks for the smile and perspective!

  6. Patricia Stephenson says:

    Now you can add……no pennies to your list, eh! Enjoyed the lecture. Pat

  7. Diane Benninghoff says:

    To celebrate your birthday – I gave myselve a gift — your mini-lecture. Reminded me of all (or almost all) of the things we thought about whilst (is whilst a good Canandian word?) deciding whether or not we would leave the US of Afor Canada back in 1968. That decision got made for us by a draft board that was smarter than we’d expected and let my boyfriend – now husband – off the hook. But the REAL reason I’d like to move to Canada is the wonderful national anthem.


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