Each year, the Navigators at Glen Eyrie present a truly unique holiday offering, the madrigal banquet at the former residence of Colorado Springs’ founder, William Jackson Palmer. The banquet was the brainchild of Springs resident Dave McIntosh who has been transforming the castle into a middle-ages holiday wonderland and feasting hall for the past 24 years with the help of countless volunteers. Come along on this video journey as we speak with McIntosh about the madrigal banquet and take a sneak peak at the mellifluous, multi-course banquet. The dinners sell out rapidly each year and this year is no exception. If you haven’t already secured your ticket, you’ll have to wait until next year. For more information on the annual Glen Eyrie Madrigal Banquet, you can visit their website, HERE.


2 Responses to Christmas at Glen Eyrie

  1. Sarah Harris says:

    I like the olden times, too. Frankly, I could do without all the ugly new buildings everywhere – they are so depressing! I don’t know why we all stopped dressing and acting that way all the time. I named my twin kittens “Pikes Peak” and “Lancelot”. Maybe it’s time that we stop building for a while and just plant some trees and climbing vines? I kinda like the new “Hobbit” movie, too.

  2. mike procell says:

    Were any boars harmed in the making of this video?


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