Big news for a small garden last week: The Demonstration Garden at the Corner of Mesa Road and Glen Avenue in Monument Valley Park was bestowed the honor of First Place for landscape design by the All-America Selections organization, a non-profit, formed in 1932, that promotes plants that work well all across the country.  If you’ve never strolled through the garden, you’ve been missing out on one of Colorado Springs’ most wonderful hidden treasures.

Diane Brunjes of the Horticultural Arts Society of Colorado Springs, the organization that manages the garden, had this to say:

The first place win by the Demonstration Garden at Monument Valley Park is an acknowledgement that the Horticulture Art Society is moving in the right direction.  Manned by volunteers, they support the garden with fund raising to enhance the garden in a myriad of ways, and to support one full time gardener.  This dynamo comes in the petite package of one Peg Kohl.  Thanks to her, we are seeing a garden, one in existence for 50 years, come alive again.  Paths are being refreshed, dead wood removed, and care and maintenance of the existing plants being improved.  An exciting new development is the addition of a lupine path, made possible by the donation of 400+ lupines from Britton Nursery.    Gardens aren’t made or even improved in a day, but the first place nod from the All America Selections is an indication that we can hold our heads high with pride in our oasis in the city.

In celebration of this marvelous recognition of a local treasure, take a look at a slide show photo feature we made of the gardens at the end of last summer.

(Music in this piece is “September Gurls” by Big Star. You can download a cover of this song at the Free Music Archive HERE.)


4 Responses to Idyll at the Demonstration Gardens

  1. Nancy Wilsted says:

    The insects happily jump-started the party. Congratulations and thank you’s to Peg Kohl, The Horticultural Arts Society, and the The Demonstration Garden. The challenges of high country gardening make the award even sweeter.

  2. Brenda HS says:

    My young girls and I LOVE this hidden oasis- and we are shocked when we are able to enjoy it alone. For OUR sake we have been glad so few seemed aware of it or willing to discover its secret paths.

  3. sara foster says:

    Love this place. It always holds the hope of spring. It also has checkered frittilaria!!!

  4. terbear says:

    wonderful photography


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