Big Something interns, Jake Brownell and Brian Wray endeavoured upon a course of action to remove the tar of time from the orb of knowing in their four-part series exploring the histories of secret societies in Colorado Springs. In this episode, the Woodmen of the World are exposed, for once and for all.


5 Responses to Revealing the Secrets of the Woodmen of the World

  1. rose enyeart says:

    What a hoot!!

  2. Rigel MacCrikey says:

    I want that 4 minutes of my life back.

  3. Rob Larimer says:

    … Of all the damn songs to get stuck in my head …

  4. joyce cheney says:

    Funny and interesting segment! That said, lumping gun battles and slugfests with the logger clips does a disservice to honorable working stiffs who made their living thru the hard and dangerous work of cutting down trees.
    My main comment, tho, is about an assumption on the part of current producers that we viewer/listeners must have constantly changing sounds and sights in order to stick around. You don’t have to zoom in and out or pan across every still. Just let us look at the still image for a few seconds! The amount of “Ken Burn-esque” movement over stills in this piece made at least this viewer sea-sick and longing for a stable picture.
    There’s also a strong tendency in audio these days (tho not in this piece) to put music or SFX behind every voice clip. Give your material and your audience some credit; if the material is strong, we will listen to and grasp just the words. You don’t need background music to hold our attention or to make sure we get the point. In fact, all the background fluff can be distracting.


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