Big Something interns Jake Brownell and Brian Wray recently uncovered a historical list of secret organizations operating in Colorado Springs in the early 1900’s, this discovery fueled an investigatory journey to uncover the secrets of these secret organizations. In this, the second part of their investigation, Jake and Brian explore the history and rituals of the Improved Order of Red Men. Who knew that Richard Nixon was, indeed, an improved red man? If you missed Part I of this series, The Royal Arcanum, you can watch it HERE.


4 Responses to Revealing the Secrets of Secret Societies, Part II: The Improved Order of Red Men

  1. Matt says:

    My favorite fraternal organization, simply due to the whimsy of the name, is the Concatenated Order of Hoo Hoo. They were a national benefit and service association related to the lumber industry and had a local chapter at one point. Interestingly enough, another more influential organization – the Modern Woodmen of America – had nothing whatsoever to do with lumber, woodworking or the like. They operate our largest TB sanatorium and went on to have a lasting impact by contributing their name to our Woodmen Road.

  2. And so, now know the mold from which sprung the world’s first Cherohonkees. Thank you.

  3. elizabeth osborne says:

    -very interesting thanks for sharing the history of this ancient man club .c springs had some kooky citizens we can be proud of if only for a good laugh ! but seriously i love colo history the more colorful the better .hope ya’ll will dig up some more interesting hoohoo !

  4. elizabeth osborne says:

    perfect description john sondericker “cherohonkees” the times they were a clueless !


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