What started as an innocuous visit to the public library resulted in a quest of discovery for Big Something interns Brian Wray and Jake Brownell. You see, they came upon a document titled “Secret Societies of Colorado Springs.” Armed with scant details they endeavored upon a course of action to uncover the truth about these organizations. In this, the first part, of their four-part-series, they explore the mysteries of The Royal Arcanum which was once housed at 20 E. Bijou St in downtown Colorado Springs.


4 Responses to Revealing the Secrets of Colorado Springs’ Secret Societies, Part I: The Royal Arcanum

  1. rose enyeart says:

    Okey, Dokey

  2. Geoff F says:

    I used to have an office directly across from “The Royal Arcanum” over there on Bijou! Sometimes, late at night, I’d look out my 2nd storey window &, across the way, damned if I didn’t see a fedora’d boy at his window…illumined by a bank lamp…reading a Signet Classic. Sound innocuous? What if I told that I’M AN ALCOHOLIC?!

  3. Kron Kite says:

    Why besmirch the private honor of Messieurs Crowley, Mathers, and Yeats with your odious revealments? De mortuis nil nisi bonum!… May the eldritch network of COS power remain ever in shadow! All hail the illusory figurehead that we currently recognize as the demon-husk Steve Bach!


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