A little while ago, one of our readers sent us a series of photos of what remains of the old Cheyenne Mountain Lodge (it’s not open the public and we certainly discourage anyone from trespassing, on account of us being responsible members of society), aka The Honeymoon Lodge, one of Spencer Penrose’s many opulent projects along his beloved Cheyenne Mountain Highway. We did some looking into the history, but didn’t find a whole lot beyond historic photos of the exterior (with one exception), a brochure and the YouTube video from the Pikes Peak Library District below. There’s certainly more digging that can be done, and we’ll let you know what else we’re able to find. If anyone has more information please do post it in the comments. In the meantime, here’s a cursory glimpse into the lifestyles of the local rich and famous in the first half of the 20th Century and what little remains.


9 Responses to Important Discoveries: The Lodge atop Cheyenne Mountain

  1. joyce cheney says:

    What can you tell us about the ladybug swarms? When, where, why?

  2. Barbara Hegarty says:

    That was great! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Betty Jo Cardona says:

    Check our pages 167 and 168 of A Pikes Peak Partnership – The Penoses and the Tutts….by “Dr. Colorado Tom Noel and Cathleen M. Norman…for more on the Cheyenne Mtn. Lodge.

  4. Janet Conover says:

    I have some pictures of a Lions Club event at the Lodge. But I’ll need some tutoring to figure out how to copy them to you!

  5. bill morris says:

    One of the curious sides of unintended consquenses of our fine city, is the blatent way rather wonderful things are destroyed. One thinks of the Antlers Hotel, the Burns Theater, and the wonderful buildings in the downtown area that were the benefits of urban renewal–read wanton destruction… As far as I can tell, the bulldozing of the lodge up on Cheyenne Mountain was a reaction to party teens who had some fun up there. Weeellll, the solution to not having vandalism on the lodge was a Catepiller bulldozer. You want some vandalism, you got vandalism. Never mind that the place coulda been secured with some thick plywood and metal grates. Soo, I have a modest proposal. If there is some grafitta sprayed on the art museum, bulldoze it!! If the statue of Palmer in the middle of the road has the horses huevos sprayed green on St Patricks day, bulldoze it. And if pesky Indians think that the sacred springs of Manitoo should not be backfilled and have tourist stands on top of that, well, they gotta get used to progress.
    I have been to the foundations of the lodge. Perhaps the lawyers of the Broadmoor did us all a favor, returning much of the mountain top to quasi nature. Just don’t go there as it is private property.

  6. Karl says:

    it’s always been a fun place to visit and dig around in the junk pushed off the sides up there. I found a packard intake manifold and 1937 ford hub cap up there on one such trip.

  7. bill morris says:

    Hey noel, noticed you did not post my remarks on the site. chicken chicken…


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