Update 9:30 PM

The Red Cross has closed the YMCA shelter. Cheyenne Mountain High School remains open.

Sheriff Terry Maketa Elevates Fire Restrictions From Stage I to Stage II

Due to extremely high fire danger and the demand of fire fighting resources to battle the Waldo Canyon Fire, Sheriff Terry Maketa has elevated fire restrictions from Stage I to Stage II, effective immediately. This elevation primarily impacts campfire and smoking activities over those restrictions that had been in place during Stage I.

The following activities are prohibited during Stage II Fire Restrictions.
- Open burning defined as campfires and warming fires, charcoal grills and outdoor wood burning stoves, the use of explosives, outdoor welding or use of acetylene or other torch with open flames other than in an area cleared of all flammable materials. Fires contained within liquid-fueled or gas-fueled stoves are permitted.
- The use or sale of fireworks of all kinds.
- Outdoor smoking except within an enclosed vehicle or building.

Violations of Stage II Fire Restrictions may result in a fine up to $1000.

Update 9:15 PM

Sheriff Terry Maketa Orders Closure of Old Stage Road and Gold Camp Road

Fire danger remains extremely high with low relative humidity levels, unseasonably warm temperatures and an abundance of fire fuels. Fire fighting resources are spread thin due to the ongoing effort to fight the Waldo Canyon Fire.

For these reasons, Sheriff Terry Maketa has ordered a road closure in the 2100 block of Old Stage Road effective at 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday, July 3, 2012. The closure effectively denies access to Gold Camp Road. To solidify the closure of the area, the Teller County Sheriff’s Office will close Gold Camp Road within their jurisdiction at Lazy S Ranch Road. The closure will remain in affect until further notice. For those with homes within the closure area, access into the area will be granted with proof of residency.

Update: 6 PM

Containment is now at 70%. Cost to date: $12.4 million.

Update: 4:18 pm

Manitou Springs update: Cliff Dwellings & Cave of the Winds open for business tomorrow!

Update 4:00 pm

Waldo Canyon Fire Press Release

The public is encouraged to stay out of the fire closure areas on the Pike and San Isabel National Forest. On Monday, two helicopter water drops had to be aborted in the Cave of the Winds area because citizens had wandered into the fire perimeter.

While the fire is 55 percent contained, there is still a lot of work to do. This includes mop-up of hotspots along the fire lines, patrolling fire areas and continued fire line construction.

To assist in the safe completion of these tasks, the public is asked to steer clear of the fire area. Additionally, U.S. Forest Service officials are requesting the public stay out of the Pike Forest from Forest Development Road, FDR, 322 south all the way to the Waldo Canyon Fire area. For additional information on what areas of the Pike Forest are open to the public please call 719-636-1602.

Updated 3:53 pm

Mandatory evacuation lifted at noon today for limited number of homes

Residents of all homes on Eileen Ct., Centauri Rd., Boardwalk Dr., and Corporate Plaza Dr. may return today starting at noon. Residents of addresses 4510 through 4795 on Granby Cir. may also return home. These homes are all located north of 30th St. Full utilities, including gas, have been restored to all of these homes. Only these residents may return at this time. Like all previously opened areas, this area remains on pre-evacuation status. Announcements of additional neighborhood openings are anticipated at tomorrow morning’s 8:00 a.m. briefing.

Spoiled Food Disposal Recommendations

The City of Colorado Springs has placed two large roll-off containers specifically for the disposal of spoiled food at the following locations:
· Woodmen Roberts Elementary School, 8365 Orchard Path Rd.
· Eagleview Middle School, 1325 Vindicator Dr.
These containers will be monitored and available to residents from 8:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m TODAY. Residents are encouraged to dispose of all food in their refrigerators, as power was cut to these areas and spoilage likely occurred during the evacuation period.

Press Conference, UCCS, 8AM

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

David Eakers, Information Offer for the Great Basin Incident Team: “17,827 Acres involved in fire. 55% containment. 1,500 people assigned to the fire. Speakers this morning: Steve Cox, Mayor’s Executive Team; Day May, City District Attorney; Brett Waters, Emergency Management Director; Jerry Forte, Colorado Springs Utilities; Col. Rogers, Commander National Guard Task Force Securty; Sallie Clark, County Commissioner; Jerri Marr, Forest Supervisor; and Rich Hervey, Incident Commander.”

Steve Cox: “Compliments to everybody in orderly return to Mt. Shadows. Cindy Aubrey will coordinate pool media to look at the area. Focusing on a plan to return people quickly to the Mt. Shadows area sooner rather than later. Plans to come later today.”

Dan May: “I have jusidiciton over Teller and El Paso counties, and all crime committed in those areas. He’s here to comment on the looters. Can’t speak on individual cases, but can speak generally. Burgularies can bring 24 years in prison. Assures that when there is probable cause, cases will be prosecuted. Evacuated areas are being patrolled heavily. Comment to potential burglars: we intend to evacuate you from our community for many years.”

Brett Waters: “YMCA and Cheyenne Mountain are still open as shelters. 3,000 people are still evacuated. Human Society did a great job. You can pick-up your animals today. Those that are going home today, you’re still under evac-notice. Be prepared.”

Jerry Forte: “No employees that were hurt. Tremendous progress. Gas mains charged in Peregerine and Oak Valley Ranch and part of Mt. Shadows. They’ll meet with individual customers to turn gas back on. Crews will go from house to house and business to business. Intending to get in lower Mt. Shadows today to repair and turn off those gas systems. Intend to get those customers back in service. Damaged areas will take much longer to repair. Bills will be adjusted for customers whose homes were affected. No bill for destroyed homes. No bill for water for people whose homes were not destroyed. 448-4800 with questions, number has extended hours. Also, www.csu.org.”

Brendy Rogers, Lt. Colonel, National Guard: “183 soldiers and airmen on the ground right now. Two lines of operation. Supporting CSPD and Traffric control. Also, supporting incident management team with access control and security.”

Sallie Clark: “Update on Disater Recovery Center: great collaboration from all agencies. 800 folks have gone through the recovery center. Phone number for info: 444-8300. Reutrning residents that need to dispose of food, El Paso County Environmental services can take that waste from 9a-5p at either Woodmen Roberts Elementary School, or Eagle View Middle School.”

Jerri Marr: “To the families of firefighters lost in South Dakato… we’re grieving with you. Fire continues to burn, also places are are not as hot. We expecting some strong and erratic winds which could increase the work today. We’re optimistic. Contaiment stands at 55%. Every day we that we hold lines, we feel better. Don’t have a date for 100% containment. Waether is still a factor. Specific missions we’re working on will be explained by Rich Harvey.”

Rich Harvey: “Hearts go out to the MAFF 7 incident in South Dakota. As for Waldo Canyon and we’re at 55% containment. For days we’ve been talking about the Williams Canyon spot fire. Boots on the ground at Williams Canyon, they made it into the spot fire and they got it. You won’t see it on the map any longer. Another area, Devil’s kitchen, and the green islands are still burning, but they are contained. We’re mainly focused on the perimeter of the fire. It has not moved. The only acres added are the internal islands. We have a controlled containment line all around the fire. Always focused on what could go wrong.”

Diance and Jonathan Cunningham: “Presented poster boards with notes of thanks to all the firefighters.”

Jerri Marr: “Thank for that. This is team effort. Working together makes us stronger.”

Jeff Kramer: “Regarding possible arsonists, there is no new information to report. Specialists are on the ground. They will report when they know more about who/what started the fire.”


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