The Big Something’s intrepid interns Brian Wray and Jacob Brownell were wondering what all the fuss over Seven Falls, one of Southern Colorado’s most popular tourist destinations, was about. It’s a little hard to explain the nuanced majesty of the place so we sent them off with a camera, a microphone and our high expectations that they return with something that would once-and-for-all provide an answer to anyone wondering what all the fuss over Seven Falls is about – and they didn’t disappoint.


3 Responses to Seven Falls: Cascades of Discovery

  1. joyce cheney says:

    Who knew? Good work, Intern Guys.
    As for the person who found Seven Falls to be a spiritual experience, what might they experience if they actually go out in the woods??

  2. Suellen (Haney) McAndrews says:

    In the 50s Seven Falls was a popular place to work during the college summer break. We had to wear matching “squaw dresses” that came with instructions on how to wrap the skirts around broom sticks and wet them down to get the wrinkled effect. We took turns sitting in the cable car booth and pulling the lever to make it run. We were allowed to read in between customers. I got a lot of books for college read. Is it still there?
    Suellen (Haney) McAndrews

  3. David Hite says:

    I disagree with Ms. Hill on the issue of private ownership of the Falls. As a summer job during the early ’60s I sat at the toll booth announcing the entrance fee for families, many of whom decided they could not afford the cost. It was, in my opinion, most often a correct decision. Especially knowing that the water coming over the falls was recirculated!
    David Hite


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