Update: 10:30 PM, 06/22/12

All residents evacuated due to the Springer Fire near Lake George can now return home, but Eleven Mile Canyon Recreation area and Camp Alexander remain closed. The fire remains at 87% containment.

Update: 7:00 PM, 06/22/12

451 personnel continue to fight the Springer Fire. It’s now at 87% containment, but evacuations remain in place.

Updated: 10:40 AM, 6/22/12

The Springer Fire located 3.5 miles from Lake George is currently 59% contained, with 509 personnel fighting the blaze. Officials estimate full containment by Sunday, and will hold a community fire briefing at 8 tonight (Friday) at the Lake George Fire Station. The Echo Valley, Wagon Tongue Subdivision and Circle C Ranch remain under a mandatory evacuation.

Updated: 7:20 PM, 06/21/12

The Springer Fire is now 57% contained. 509 personnel are fighting the blaze, which remains at 1145 acres. Residents of Beaver Valley Ranch and Beaver Valley Estates have been allowed to return home, but evacuations remain in effect for other areas. There have been two minor injuries. No structures have been damaged.

Updated: 11:00 AM, 06/21/12

The Springer Fire remains at 1145 acres with 39% containment. Residents of Beaver Valley Ranch and Beaver Valley Estates have been allowed to return home, but evacuations remain in effect for other areas. 479 personnel continue to battle the blaze.

Updated: 9:45 PM, 06/20/12

As of around 8 PM Wednesday, the Springer Fire was 39% contained and remains at about 1,145 acres. Evacuations remain in effect.

Updated: 10:00 AM, 06/20/12

The Springer Fire located 3.5 miles from Lake George is now at 1,145 acres with 23% containment. Officials have determined the blaze was human caused, and may be related to recreational shooting. 399 people are working on the blaze. One firefighter has been treated for dehydration and another was treated for a hand injury. An update for evacuees and residents will take place tonight at 8 at the Lake George Fire Station. No structures have been damaged, but evacuations remain in effect for the following locations:

Wagon Tongue subdivision
Echo Valley subdivision
Circle C Ranch
Beaver Valley Ranch
Beaver Valley Estates

11-Mile Canyon Rec Area remains closed, and road closures are also in effect for CR 96, CR 61, CR98, and CR403. 11-Mile reservoir is open from the South Park side.

Tip line for the investigation: 719-836-4117 or www.tipline@parkco.us.

Updated, 12:52 PM, 06/19/12

Officials plan to hold another public meeting tonight at 7 at Woodland Park High School. The fire is currently at 1100 acres, with 10% containment. It’s now 3.5 miles from Lake George. Evacuations still in place.

Updated, 5:32 PM, 06/18/12

Weather conditions are making it challenging for firefighters to battle the Springer Fire five miles southwest of Lake George. The burn area is just shy of 1000 acres, but has more than doubled in size since this morning. Fire Information Officer Bob Deyerberg says the fire started under difficult conditions.

As you know, Colorado is in one of its worst draughts in ten years. This ignition happened under a high wind period with very low fuel moistures, low humidity, took off quite a bit. We’ve been hitting it hard with resources, but our intention is to put all the effort into it as possible to develop containment and suppression.

Deyerberg says they expect the number of personnel fighting the fire to increase from 250 to 450 by morning. As of mid-afternoon, no structures have been damaged and no injuries reported. Mandatory evacuations remain in place and the cause remains under investigation. Officials plan to hold a brief community meeting tonight at 7 at Woodland Park High School.

Edited, 3:49 PM, 06/18/12

The Springer Fire located about 5 miles from Lake George remains at 970 acres. Officials say warm, windy, and dry conditions are making it challenging for firefighters to battle the blaze. No new evacuations have been put in place. Up to about 450 firefighters are expected on scene by this evening or tomorrow morning. Officially, the cause is still under investigation.

Edited, 1:38 PM, 06/18/12

The Springer Fire located about 5 miles from Lake George has now reached 970 acres. It was reported yesterday around noon and 250 firefighters are now on scene. More firefighters are expected to arrive. Evacuations remain in place. Non-emergency calls can go to Pikes Peak United Way at 211.

Morning post: 06/18/12

The so-called Springer Fire continues to burn about 5 miles from Lake George. It was reported yesterday around noon and has spread to about 450 acres. As of late last night, around 150 firefighters were on scene. Elevenmile Canyon remains closed, and evacuations are in place. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Mandatory evacuations in Park County:

Wagon Tongue Subdivision
Echo Valley Subdivision
Circle C Ranch
Beaver Valley Estates
Beaver Valley Ranch
All of County Rd 98 and Park County Rd 403

Teller County has issued voluntary evacuations for the following locations:

Wilson Lakes
Forest Glen
Blue Mountain

An evacuation center has been set up by the Red Cross at the high school in Woodland Park. The Red Cross also says large and small animals can be taken to the Teller County Fairgrounds in Cripple Creek.


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