We had initially planned for a different feature today, but following the devastation of Flying W Ranch and many Mountain Shadows homes we decided to take a breath, a moment of silence of sorts, and ask you to share your stories. We’d like to hear your memories of Flying W Ranch, your memories of times spent in Waldo Canyon or surrounding areas like Rampart Range Road, Rampart and Nichols Reservoirs, or just your stories of dealing with daily life with a monstrous fire looming in your backyard.

You can leave us a message with your story, anonymous or not, by calling our Phone Booth Confessional Hotline at 719-434-3656. We’d also like to encourage you to send us any photographs you may have that accompany your story, email them to us at thebigsomething@krcc.org.

Finally, we’d like to extend our deepest condolences and sympathies to our friends and neighbors who have lost their homes, businesses, and/or who are currently facing the stress of being evacuated and displaced. If you’re in need of more information we suggest visiting the Pikes Peak Library’s Waldo Canyon Fire Resource Page, it’s a very complete list of resources as well as opportunities for those who would like to lend a hand to lighten the load of our neighbors during this trying time.


One Response to Share Your Stories

  1. Donna says:

    Just feel fortunate to have escaped the fire and the terrible smoke. We live in Rockrimmon and were evacuated Tuesday about 5:30 p.m. Have hiked Waldo Canyon many times years ago when we lived in Cascade. I’m a Colorado Springs native and have never experienced such a frightening close call.


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