When residents in the midst of the Waldo Canyon fire danger zone need to evacuate their homes, they oftentimes have a difficult enough time finding temporary accommodations for themselves, let alone their pets. Organizations such as the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region and the Red Cross have done much to try to alleviate the stresses and fears associated with caring for pets in an emergency situation. We visited All Breed Rescue & Training in Colorado Springs to see how they have responded to the increased need for a safe and comfortable temporary home for displaced pets.

If you would like to assist All Breed Rescue & Training, a nonprofit organization, you can find out how by visiting their website, www.HaveANiceDog.org.


4 Responses to Rescuing Pets from the Waldo Canyon Fire

  1. Tim Howard says:

    cool article. You guys might like to know about the AnimalSafe buildings at the Cheyenne Mountain HS. They set the buildings up in like an hour and people can put their animals in the air conditioned building right next to the evacuation shelter. Then they can visit and care for their animal whenever they want without having to go across town.

    • SeEtta Moss says:

      Fantastic, that’s a better solution. Have you posted this on the tv channel fb pages? That helps get the word out

  2. Mary Ellen Davis says:

    Thank you, Humane Society PP Region & All Breed Rescue, for setting the bar for cooperation and compassion in a crisis. I’m very impressed. I appreciated seeing this story today.

  3. SeEtta Moss says:

    Also want to thank KRCC for doing this animal interest program-hope you are putting it the radio. I have reduced my contributions to public radio in the past few years due to the clear paucity of animal (not just pets but wildlife) programs (and the program on the dog races in Alaska is not of interest to many of us who care about animals). Please do more animal programs, there are a lot of us animal lovers out here


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