Alex Ilyasova, English professor at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs examines the gender dynamics of power and masculinity via the framework of the Dykes on Bikes trademark case.

If you’re interested in any and all things motorcycle – Ilyasova is hosting the 2nd Annual International Journal of Motorcycle Studies Conference at UCCS beginning today and running through June 10, 2012. For all of the conference details, you can visit the conference website, HERE. Some of the topics being explored at this year’s conference include:

The motorcycle or riding in film, literature, art and music
Motorcycle history
The role of place/environment in motorcycling
Motorcycle technology/design
Motorcycling and race, class, ethnicity, sexuality or gender
The psychology of the motorcycle, the motorcyclist and the ride


5 Responses to microLECTURE: Dykes, Bikes & the Tenancy of Masculinity

  1. Linda says:

    Ilyasova has taken me on a wonderful ride!

  2. karen king says:

    This was a delightfully informative interview.

  3. Sandra says:

    I agree with Linda, a great educational ride. So crazy about the Trademark and Patent Office — and hats’ off to perseverance!

  4. Mary Ellen says:

    Fun & enlightening, empowering, and wasn’t that John Travolta delivering the mail on the Honda?

    • Craig Richardson says:

      Yes, that is indeed John Travolta in his highly acclaimed role as the motorcycle mailman in the early 1970’s – prior to Welcome Back Kotter, Grease and Saturday Night Fever.


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