In the third and final part of our series of the history of Colorado Springs’ most-used park, Judith Rice-Jones unveils the history of Monument Valley Park following the devastating Memorial Day flood of 1935 and the opportunities that exist for bettering the amenity. If you missed Part I and II of this series, you may view them here:  Part I, Part II.


3 Responses to Monument Valley Park, Part III: After the Flood

  1. Renee Ozer says:

    Thank you for a wonderful series! I agree that rehabilitating the park to its former glory would be an effective economic development strategy, much better than, say, spending $111,000 to come up with a city motto of “Live it up!”

  2. Mary Ellen says:

    Thanks! I learned a lot.

  3. Lauren says:

    This was really interesting,I think a lot of people in Colorado Springs would have more pride in their city and parks if they knew more about the history. My husband and I have started taking downtown walks with our 3 month old daughter, and this series encouraged us to walk through the park and find all the things I never realized were there, like the spring and the dry lake. I also noticed that a lot of the historic things, like the band stand, are really starting to show their age. It would be great to do a little bit of rehab work on them, is there program for volunteering?


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