In 2009 we created an audio slide show that we then uploaded to YouTube. We were rather taken aback when we noticed that the video now has nearly 100,000 views. But the most shocking aspect of this whole affair is the number of comments we received on our YouTube channel about how absolutely disgusting the video is. Comments such as:

“videos great but the chewing is absolutely disgusting i had to watch it on mute.”

“my god…were you raised in a barn? CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP…disgusting.”

“Hearing you chewing makes me want to barf. I was really hoping to find out about the dome and what you were doing, but I can’t get past the eating noises. At least you could have eaten with your mouth closed. Disgusting.”

“Dork, redo the video without the crunching.. bad mannered.. why do that?”

“Dislike for your damn chewing. I listen on headphones, and it is absolutely appalling to have your nasty chewing in my ears.”

What could possibly generate such a reaction? Well, it was our visit to John Sondericker’s Do-it-yourself GeoDome Greenhouse, watch the video below, or visit our YouTube channel, HERE, to wade through the comments and, if you’re so moved, leave a reply of your own in the space below the video here on our site, after all, we’re curious to know if it really is as disgusting as all these YouTube-ers think.


19 Responses to The Most Disgusting Thing We’ve Ever Done

  1. Yeah, I agree, this is totally disgusting! Ew! How could you?

  2. Danielle Willibey says:

    Boy, those veggies sure sound fresh!

  3. I watched this in 2009 and have no recollection of the chomping. Watching it again and chomping not bothering me this time either. You are in a greenhouse and eating peas. What else would you be doing?

    People are so weird.

  4. Oh and how long did the structure end up lasting for please? Did you get more than two seasons out of it?

    • nospode says:

      Hi Sarah, give douglas a shout, he’s got a couple of BIG ones. They’re not easy to put together, but not that dificult either.

  5. Nancy Wilsted says:

    You know perfectly well that is NOT the most disgusting thing you have ever done.

  6. Nancy Atherton says:

    Hardly anything is as disgusting as YouTube-ers think.

  7. fae says:

    i think it’s cute. sounds like you’re having a good time.

  8. The dome is still up and running. This is year 4. I’m already eating radishes, spinach and lettuce. Most of the plastic has been replaced with polycarbonate greenhouse glazing which should last 10 years. 😉

  9. Trent O says:

    I wouldn’t feel too bad about it. My ex-wife’s jaw always made this little clicking noise when she masticated food in public but we managed to stick it out for twelve solid years.

  10. Trent O says:

    Don’t get me wrong, we didn’t call it quits just because of that! There was PLENTY of other stuff that you guys will hopefully devote some shows to in the future (for ex: personal space, separate bank accts, etc.).

  11. Mark says:

    The most disgusting thing you’ve ever done is to reproduce YouTube comments, outside of YouTube where they can be easily and safely ignored. It’s the internet version of tracking dog poop into the house, they smell bad and spread disease. 😉

  12. Trent O says:

    Not to mention personal accountability. Say you get off work at 5. Then it’s only decent to call & let your significant other know the precise reason(s) why you’re not home by 5:45-ish. That was a typical one.

  13. Dina says:

    I think the crunching sounds yummy.

  14. Shirley says:

    Reading, and re-listening, sent me straight to the refrigerator to grab a handful of sugar snap peas to munch on myself. Unfortunately, they’re from Costco, not from a wonderful urban greenhouse. Yum, nonetheless.

  15. suzanne watson says:

    really separates the gardeners from the non.

  16. Dianne McRae says:

    I don’t get it. Do these youtube people puree all of their produce before eating it? Totally NOT gross. It’s just nummy-crunchy.

  17. Mary says:

    It always surprises me how many people are overly concerned with anything having to do with the mouth. Tooth brushing, chewing, sounds, breath, showing your toungue, all that. It’s never made sense to me, but I have to admit lip smacking while chewing can drive me crazy. Not because it’s chewing, but more because it falls in the category of IRN – “Irritating Repetitive Noises”.

  18. elio says:

    i love the sound of crunching peas i also love the sound of tires on gravel sounds like potato chips, who doesn’t love the sound of that .its a happy sound .now clearing a loogy out of your throat now that’s disgusting !


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