Colorado Springs recently played host to Lady Gaga’s favorite Drag Queen and RuPaul’s Drag Race finalist, Sharon Needles at Bubbles Nightclub. We met with Sharon backstage at Bubbles where she shared her thoughts about Colorado Springs (including Ted Haggard and Garden of the Gods), her place in the drag universe and her spooky perspective on the genesis of booing.

The season finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race airs this evening on the Logo network, check your local listings for times and tune-in to see if Sharon Needles is crowned the Next Drag Superstar.

Here’s RuPaul’s new video for her single, Glamazon, featuring the final three contestants on RuPaul’s Drag Race:




3 Responses to Sharon Needles: No Tea, No Shade

  1. Jeremy says:

    That was great. Thanks for directing your camera on a slice of Colorado Springs diversity I have not been exposed to (outside of the annual Colorado Springs Pride Fest). Bubbles Nightclub looks like a fun place to hang.

  2. RED VINE says:

    greAT cheekBONES!!! dipped a toe in the pool of drag mySELF. On th sly on th sly/ wear rouge to a art opening and evri 1 LOOOOOOVED ETT!!! They said that I looked younger thN i AM. We dont embrace expression in thiz amerocULT!

  3. Nancy Wilsted says:

    I didn’t think anyone could ever compete with my all-time favorite, Scagnolia, but I could be persuaded…
    Big David was also quite the plus-sized talent.


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