In this, our second installment of our series of the history of Colorado Springs’ most-used park, Judith Rice-Jones unveils the history of Monument Valley Park prior to the devastating Memorial Day flood of 1935. If you missed Part I of this series, you may view it HERE. More to come in the following weeks!


3 Responses to Monument Valley Park, Part II: Before the Flood

  1. Mary Ellen says:


  2. Jeremy says:

    Those old parks bridges were VERY COOL. Interesting that the water level of Monument Creek has dropped so much. Wonder how much of that was from the Great Flood, and how much from poor urban storm-water drainage practices over the decades. Does anyone know if there were more than two? Would be great to get the waterfall running again; however w/o the irrigation ditch, that amenity seems likely to remain a thing of the past (sigh).

    • Craig Richardson says:

      Jeremy, the water level was actually lowered by the Civilian Conservation Corp following the flood of 1935. I agree about the waterfall, and not to mention the “lake” that it fed into – how cool that must have been.


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