Colorado Springs historian, Judith Rice-Jones, guides us through the early days of Colorado Springs and William Jackson Palmer’s vision of Monument Valley Park. Rice-Jones takes us from Pike’s impressions of the region up to Palmer’s dream for the 2-mile linear park running through the center of Colorado Springs. This is the first part in our Monument Valley Park series. The images in this segment are taken from Judith Rice-Jones’ own presentation: Monument Valley Park at 100. We recommend watching the video in full-screen at the highest resolution.

Area of Monument Creek where the Geologic Column was eventually constructed.

A version of our chat with Judith Rice-Jones aired on our April edition of Western Skies which was devoted to Parks and Open Space, you can listen to the entire episode HERE.


2 Responses to Monument Valley Park, Part I: Palmer’s Vision

  1. Eva says:

    wow. This is wonderful!

  2. Nana Chavez says:

    As a native Colorado Springsian, I never realized Palmer’s involvement in the development of the water, trees and park. Thanks for your extensive work and excellent presentation!


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