Local historian Judith Rice-Jones takes us on a brief history tour of the early days of parks in Colorado Springs.


4 Responses to A Brief History of the Early Days of Parks in Colorado Springs

  1. Thank you, Judith, for sharing the early history of our parks with KRCC, presenting such compelling images. Our city’s heritage of beautiful parks is precious. Surely we citizens will find a way to care for our parks throughout this century, too.

  2. Tonya Neely says:

    I’ve really enjoyed learning a little bit of CS history through this series. Thank you!

  3. Nancy Bentley says:

    Parks were and continue to be, an essential part of life in Colorado Springs. It is this proximity to nature that makes us such a beautiful city. Thank you for your history series featuring the early years of park creation.

  4. Pam says:

    Love this! But I’m curious, Judith mentions that Stratton Park was sold and developed, is there anything left from the original park? A lake, the pavilion, etc? And where exactly was the park, it seems like it was in the same area that Cheyenne canyon park was, is this correct?



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