Few people outside the arts community remember the Colorado Springs-based artist Archie Musick. Musick arrived via freight train in 1924 and began to study at the Broadmoor Art Academy. He quickly became one of the region’s most inventive painters, blending landscape and surrealist visions with a minimal Japanese style. Shortly after World War II, Musick began building his dream home on what was then a wide-open space near Garden of the Gods. Sandwiched between two outcrops of Fountain sandstone, Musick incorporated the landscape into the very walls of the house.

Musick died in 1978, shortly before his major retrospective at the Fine arts Center. “He called it his ‘major reprehensive,'” said his daughter Pat Musick, an accomplished enamel artist, who now lives and makes art in the home Archie built. She invited us in for a guided audio slideshow this local architectural gem!


2 Responses to Between a Rock and a Bunch of Other Rocks: The House that Archie Musick Built.

  1. Eve Tilley says:

    This lovely little essay brought back many fond memories of hanging out with the Musicks as we were all growing up!

  2. Jan McMillan says:

    I remember Archie. In the late 60’s he was commissioned to carve a front door to the Girl Scout Hamp Hut in the Garden of the Gods. He was a talented and special guy!


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