(All photographs by Michael Myers except where indicated in the captions)

We in El Paso County have lots of incredible open space and, thanks to TOPS and the Trails and Open Space Coalition (TOSC), it may be our greatest treasure and our most enduring legacy. Red Rock Canyon and the Paint Mines are, perhaps, two of the best examples of TOPS open space purchases that have made our community an infinitely more valuable place to live.

We were invited to check out the newest open space purchased with our 1 cent/$10 sales tax: Corral Bluffs.

Hidden among the low-rising bluffs east of town, Corral Bluffs is not yet open to the public. However, there are guided tours available beginning this Spring. (More info HERE). Space is limited, so have a look at our slide show with guided narration by Phyllis Cahill and Lee Milner then sign up as soon as you can.

Also, be sure to tune in to KRCC this Sunday at 11am for our newest installment of Western Skies, where we’ll be focusing on the issue Parks and Open Space in Southern Colorado.


2 Responses to Corral Bluffs Open Space

  1. Nancy Atherton says:

    Corral Bluffs is an absolutely amazing place. Its beauty isn’t obvious, but it has a magic all its own. I’ve taken the tour three times—once by the light of the full moon!—and each tour has been fascinating. I’m enormously grateful to everyone who worked so hard for so many years to preserve this treasure for the rest of us.

  2. SRM says:

    I certainly hope that the recreationists do not pressure El Paso County to put trails both at the base and on the top of the bluffs as stated in the video. These bluffs have been important perching and sometimes nesting places for raptors. Even if the trails are closed if there are raptors nesting there, having people able to access above and below the bluffs is enough pressure on raptors, and likely other bluff inhabitants, to have significant negative effects on them.


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