I recently went a-expeditioning in the menacing northlands of Denmark, Norway and Sweden and though it’s difficult to fully capture the sense of the comfortable foreignness I encountered, this video provides some insight complete with sidewalk trampolines, cycling snow people, strange signs that mean something completely different than you would think given the context, for example, “Slut Spurt” translates literally to “Final Sprint” and is used in the parlance of Danish shop-keepery as a term to describe a close-out sale – something I learned after a rather awkward and potentially feather-ruffling experience.


2 Responses to The Land of the Ice and Snow

  1. Jeremy says:

    Cool! (no pun intended). It is always refreshing to visit a community that knows how to embrace the cold and snow. Best candidate around these parts is Crested Butte, I think. Further away, but still on this continent, Winterlude in Ottowa and / or Le Carnaval de Québec should be on everyone’s adventure travel bucket list.

  2. Kron Kite says:

    I just spurted…. Ah, Hyperborea!


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