One Response to FMA Free Song of the Day, 2/8/12: “Housewife’s Lament” by Roger McGuinn

  1. Shirley says:

    Your version of Housewife’s Lament left out the last and best verse–the punch line with the ironic twist:

    “Alas, ’twas no dream, ahead I behold it;
    I see I am helpless my fate to avert.”
    She laid down her broom, her apron she folded.
    She lay down and died, and was buried in dirt!

    Followed again by the chorus: Oh life is a toil and love is a trouble. Beauty will fade and riches will flee. Pleasures they dwindle and prices they double. And nothing is as I would wish it to be.

    My family learned this over 50 years ago from a folk-singer friend who grew up in rural Kentucky. It’s a tune that can easily get stuck in your head!


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