Consumer advocate and political activist Ralph Nader presented a lecture at Colorado College yesterday urging those in attendance to be civic citizens rather than corporate citizens in his lecture titled, “The Corporatization of America: What it Means for Your Dreams.”

This is the first lecture in the “First Mondays” lecture series at Colorado College which will present a new lecture on the first Monday of each block.


2 Responses to Ralph Nader’s Lecture at CC

  1. Cathy Kleinsmith says:

    Many, many thanks to KRCC for posting this!

  2. Kron Kite says:

    Glad to see Nader still on point. Unfortunately, no one is listening. Americans will continue to vote for spineless candidates representing the Corporate One Party System until war, debt, poverty, and ignorance consume us. By now it should be abundantly clear that a vote for Romney or Obama is mere consent for billionaire bankers to poison you, rob you blind, imprison you, and send your job overseas. And yet, watch the zombies march to the polls come November hoping that criminal politicians will hand them more than 1973 wages and slave-made iPads. When’s the next war? When’s the next Wall Street bailout? When’s the next oil or nuclear power catastrophe? When’s the next Great Depression? If not tomorrow, the next day. And there ain’t nothing Romney/Obama can or will do about it.


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