On a recent afternoon, members of the Colorado Springs community marched from the Pioneers Museum to the Gay and Lesbian Fund for Colorado’s Building on East Costilla St. to share their appreciation for what the fund has brought to the community over the past 15 years. It was recently announced that the Gay and Lesbian Fund will be shuttering their offices in Colorado Springs and consolidating their operations in Denver, which is the home base for the Gill Foundation, the parent organization of the Gay and Lesbian Fund for Colorado.

For more information on the departure of the Gay and Lesbian Fund, you can listen to Ruby Kimberly’s Farewell Report on the Gay Lesbian Fund HERE.


4 Responses to A March on the Gay & Lesbian Fund for Colorado

  1. Cathy Kleinsmith says:

    Too sad for words.

  2. Jeremy says:


  3. Barb Van Hoy says:

    Great piece – thank you!

  4. Ruth says:

    Wonderful to see so many from CS and Pueblo in this piece, appreciating a great organization. Thanks to KRCC for putting this together.


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