(“Antlers at Night," by Stewarts Commercial Photographers, December 1955. Copyright Pikes Peak Library District, courtesy of Special Collections, Pikes Peak Library District. Image Number: 013-5162.)

Exterior of Antlers Hotel with Christmas decorations from roof and on street in front. Cars are parked at right and in front of hotel. Car at right foreground reads “Stewarts Photo Service.”

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2 Responses to PPLD Historic Photo of the Day, 12/9/11: Antlers at Night

  1. tOkKa says:

    –>> .. god that looks classy !!

    ~ t

  2. Georgia says:

    This photo makes me cry. I was born here in 1951 and remember the granduer of the place and it still angers me that it was torn down–it, along with the Burns Building (Chief Theatre), the Ute Theatre and the Opera House.


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