(“Pikes Peak Summit,” photographer unknown, ca. 1954-1956. Courtesy of Special Collections, Pikes Peak Library District. Image Number: 001-2265.)

Two men and one woman, identified on back as Dawson Trotman, founder of the Navigators and Mr. And Mrs. Billy Graham standing at gateway to Glen Eyrie shortly after it was purchased by the Navigators. Signs reading “Glen Eyrie” and Private” are attached to decorative iron gate.


One Response to PPLD Historic Photo of the Day, 12/1/11: Glen Eyrie

  1. Susan Fletcher says:

    This photograph was taken in 1955 or 56, when Billy Graham had partnered with Dawson Trotman and The Navigators to purchase Glen Eyrie from the Strake family. The Navigators worked with Graham Evangelistic Association during his crusades, and the two organizations intended to use Glen Eyrie as a headquarters. Graham eventually decided to turn the option to buy over soley to The Navigators, focusing his efforts on his crusades. The Navigators had only six weeks to raise the $110,000 downpayment required to purchase Glen Eyrie, an amount that far exceeded their annual income. Donations from all over the world flowed in, however, with the final checks coming in at the last possible minute on closing day. In September 1956 The Navigators purchased Glen Eyrie, and continue to honor General Palmer’s legacy.

    Thanks for posting this picture today!
    Susan Fletcher, Navigator Historian


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