KILO’s program director and morning show host, Ross Ford, was kind enough to offer a response to our inquiry regarding KILO’s recent use of familiar KRCC logography:

As a 37 year old male i don’t even know where to find you on the dial. So i think all this can be categorized as “radio paranoia”
Our KILO license has been in use (stickers and bus benches) for 2 or 3 years now (so not really a recent campaign). The use of the colorado license plate (a plate design that dates back to at least 1979) is an idea that has been done…. a lot. (see attachments) We’re in colorado bro… that’s our license plate!

as for the independent ad… it was a representation of KILO being king of the hill after beating down another station. (Crown on top of a hill.. get it?) again, to claim anyone using something as universal as a crown in an ad is ripping you off is pretty out there. is burger king stealing your shtick too? how about king chef? beastie boys grand royal logo? crown royal? wait a second… i think we just stumbled onto one of the biggest controversies of all time the world is conspiring against and stealing from krcc!

i’m flattered that we caused you so much concern. and let me make a promise to you. if i ever find myself having to lift ideas from a 2,000 watt public radio station i will get out of radio and get a job at npr.

Ross provided some images to substantiate the ubiquity of both the Colorado license plate theme and the crown motif:

So… What do you think? Were we just being paranoid? Or is this all part of KILO’s plan to act as though they don’t know we exist so as to lull us into a false sense of security and then BLAMMO! they take us over and we start sounding like this:

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20 Responses to KILO Responds!

  1. Ethan Beute says:

    Fair response (save for the punchy closing line). You’re being paranoid.

  2. Diann says:

    Nah. While I might be persuaded to accept the license plate logo as fairly universal, the use of THE “crown”, the SAME crown is a little too coincidental in my humble opinion.

  3. Matt Payne says:

    Agreed with my astute colleague Ethan in this. I’ll add that the response was a bit crass though.

  4. Inaiah Lujan says:

    There is only one way to settle this…
    DANCE OFF!!!

  5. Chuck Snow says:

    Oh Ross,everyone knows only angry fourteen year old white boys listen to Kilo anymore. 🙂

  6. drew says:

    I think he’s on to something there. I would totally listen to you guys a lot more if you served hamburgers and played football and had cheerleaders and shit.

  7. chris fiedler says:

    To me, KRCC’s observations weren’t “radio paranoia” as much as “isn’t it funny…” Ross’s reaction seems like he got pretty cranky and defensive, and was really reaching for his defense. Maybe it’s that faux hawk that makes him so feisty? ROWR! Gotta validate all that false metal somehow! Sure, the state license plate is used in many local advertising campaigns, and KRCC certainly didn’t invent the crown image… But all of his advertising examples that use such themes also aren’t radio stations within the same city. That coincidence is uncanny.

    He seems easily confused though, so I wouldn’t sweat it. As he admitted, he can’t seem to operate his radio dial, can’t tell the difference between a public radio station and the news company NPR, and certainly is not familiar with that illusive specter some know as punctuation.

    • Conor Bourgal says:

      Chris nails it: “But all of his advertising examples that use such themes also aren’t radio stations within the same city. That coincidence is uncanny. “

  8. Mike H says:

    Oh, Ross… As a literate 37 year old male, I know EXACTLY where to find KRCC on the dial, “bro.” I haven’t (willingly) listened to any other station but KRCC for twenty years! I grew up in Southern Colorado, so of course I’ve listened to KILO -but then I became an adult and discovered there was more to life than *cough* reading comic books and playing video games like your target demographics. “On the day when your mentality decides to catch up with your biology…”

    (And on a side note, correct capitalization is something you should have learned in elementary school, “bro.”)

  9. Nasya says:

    Okay, so what station did they “bet” out (down), for what contest (best of Indy/Gazette / national ) ?!?!?Just wondering.

  10. mike judge says:

    Ol’ Ross seems to be taking this a little more seriously than intended. But if we *are* going to be serious about it, he’s way off. Sure, KRCC and Burger King both use crowns, but a radio station using almost the exact same crown logo as another local radio station is a lot closer to an infringement. And aside from all that, he has a haircut popular with 4 year old boys!

    • Joe says:

      To be fair, Kilo is owned by a communications company out of one of the Carolinas if memory serves. So the case that they aren’t truly local could be made.

  11. Marty says:

    Well Ross certainly looks like a KRCC listener, I think I saw him either at Meadowgrass, or maybe it was the Prairie Home Companion taping.

  12. mike judge says:

    “get a job at npr” – haha! Like they pay people to work there!

  13. Gerry Tierney says:

    Sorry “bro”, you couldn’t get a job at NPR even if you worked for free.
    After this, I’d be worried about the job at KILO!

  14. Duggbug says:

    If he’s really the KILO program director, his job description includes knowing all about the local college stations.

    $10,000 Mitt-dollars says he’s got KRCC programmed in his car radio presets!

  15. Holly Garlow says:

    Exactly, Chris. There is a reason you can’t name your business the same name of another business of the same kind in the same town, Ross. I mean, come on. You can’t use the argument that crowns are used by many companies of different kinds all over the world. You’re a radio station in Colorado Springs using the same marketing design elements as another RADIO STATION in COLORADO SPRINGS! Your point is null, Ross. I can’t believe your energy is wasted trying to defend this position anyways. Don’t you WANT to set your station apart from others? You’re defending your station being totally and completely unoriginal and unintelligent.


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