In our second and final installment of “A Brief History of Colorado Springs as Intrepreted via a Pile of Old Matchbooks” “A Wandering Conversation Inspired by the Presence of a Pile of Old Matchbooks” we talk about local treasures that have gone and some that remain such as the Trail Dust Steakhouse, The Hungry Farmer, a slew of now defunct banking enterprises and The Institution of Rock and Roll. If you can fill in some of the background information on any of the establishments we talk about, please leave a comment below, leave a message for us at (719) 434-DOJO(3656) or send us an email at: TheBigSomething (at)

If you missed Part I in this series, you can experience it by clicking HERE.


4 Responses to A Brief History of Colorado Springs as Interpreted via a Pile of Old Matchbooks, Part II

  1. Mike Procell says:


  2. tOkKa says:

    –>> Gee whiz, you guys are delirious. :p

    Wade’s Cafe is on North Academy next to the now vacant “Bennigans” in what i think was an old La Casita building. My pop took me to the old downtown one a number of times, but i recall the one off Academy even more-so. The lady always let me order the “Gingerbread Pancakes”. I think as a child .. i thought they really were made of Gingerbread. But it was a sugary/ginger confection powder they put on ’em.

    The rare times me n’ Pop get to go there, they’ll still do this upon request. Been a real long time tho’. This must be the third location they are on for the Academy store. They were located SAFE WAY shopping center next to the old Penrose Community Hospital.

    There’s one FURR’s in Pueblo and one in Wheat Ridge.

    The old downtown location you were squawking about is now Western Omelet Restaurant.

    Palmer House is long gone, that whole Best Western is now a big lot that supposedly they were/are going to put some kind of shopping or business plaza in.

    Craig’s right.. the barn building of the Hungry Farmer i think didn’t do so well apparently after the Farmer, it’s been plowed over n’ yeh is a CHICK-FIL-A now.

    The Bean Bandit is still around, my neighbor works there n’ it’s a couple blocks away from me here on E. Boulder.

    You guys are Goofy.

    ~ t

  3. Nancy Wilsted says:

    Years ago our niece she asked if we could eat at Hair’s. Hmmnn. Then we figured out she meant Furr’s.

  4. Bill says:

    Colorado Springs City Employees


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