What began as a simple slide show examining the iconic Colorado Springs photo-op of Pikes Peak Avenue looking west toward the Antlers Hotel over the years quickly turned into an exploration of the history of the hotel itself. With Marshall Sprague’s Newport in the Rockies as our historical compass, and images from the Pikes Peak Library District and the Denver Public Library as our material guides, we present this brief history of the Antlers Hotel including its various births and deaths from 1883 to present as seen from Pikes Peak Avenue.


3 Responses to The Antlers: Phoenix of Hotels

  1. Mary Heimerman says:

    You get what you need…
    Antlers is a lovely complex now. But again we see the beautiful old structures tossed away. It is sad.

    Thanks for your great slideshow.

  2. Mike M says:

    Great treatment. Thanks!

  3. 'Letta says:

    It is a wonderful history that C. Springs has. The history is colorful and worth every moment spent in reading about it or watching the slideshows here and the PPLD channel. In just the time I have been here, since 1965, Colo Springs has gone thru a great transformation for the most part. But it is always good to know from whence we came 🙂 Thank you for this bit of history.


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