Young Galaxy released their album, Shape Shifting, last February. It contains two amazing tracks, “We Have Everything” and “Peripheral Visionaries.” This two-part music-video experience, created by Montreal-based visual artist Sinbad Richardson, is the story of Jennifer, who looks like Grimace from the McDonald’s commercials. Jennifer works at a factory while dreaming of a more fulfilling life. In the first part she is given a chance by an omnipotent being who relies on appointment books and computers to handle the affairs of mortals, but her dream soon comes crashing to an end. In the second part, Jennifer is given another chance. At a karaoke bar, she is discovered by a producer who promises her the glamorous life she always wanted. Having learned nothing at all, despite the omnipotent being’s efforts, her dreams again come to a crashing end.

Part one – We Have Everything

Part two – Peripheral Visionaries


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