(All images in this slide show by John Suhay and courtesy of Jina Brenneman. Please keep in mind these are scans of photographs, and thus not exact reproductions.)

If you’ve never heard of John Suhay, you’re not alone. But his photography has captured the hearts of those who know him well, and some say he may one day be recognized as one of the great American photographers. Noel Black has more.

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15 Responses to America’s Greatest Undiscovered Photographer?: John Suhay

  1. Tony says:

    Wow. Formally beautiful photos. He ‘got’ folks, tho. Colorado’s Koudelka.

  2. Nancy Wilsted says:

    # 95 gets my vote, incredible!

  3. Amanda says:

    Wow! These are so amazing! How do I get a hold of Jina to inquire about an image?

  4. Michael A. Berniger says:

    The approximate date and location are apparent in some; not so in many. Would be helpful to identify. Great photos!

  5. Sean says:


  6. Mary Ellen says:


  7. elizabeth osborne says:

    really enjoyed the photos ! thanks

    Elizabeth Osborne

  8. Jeremy says:

    Absolutely sublime! Made my day. How about a exhibit of his work at the Fine Arts Center? Hello Colorado Springs’ movers and shakers.

  9. Noel Black says:

    @Michael: We weren’t able to get an interview with John Suhay or any of his family members, and I’m not sure that any of these would have exact dates or if they would know exactly locations. I could be wrong and I’ll ask Jina Brenneman.

  10. Bruce H. says:

    What a wonderful body of work! At par with Walker Evans or Cartier-Bresson.

  11. J Diller says:

    Proof again that Jina Brenneman has stunning instincts about art.

  12. Kathleen Holmes says:

    John took our wedding pictures in 1969. The candids he took of the activities have been a treasure to us. He particularly liked my father’s face and caught him in action at the reception. Those pictures were and still are invaluable since my father died several years later. Thank you, John!

  13. John Suhay was a photographer-in-residence at the Sangre de Cristo Arts & Conference Center in Pueblo from 1972-2010. He was named Photographer Emeritus in 2010. Many of his photographs are part of the Arts Center’s permanent collection.

  14. Gene Duran says:

    Thanks, for sharing these priceless photographs..# 47~Outstanding.I enjoyed this trip down memory lane.


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