If you’ve never been to the county fair, you’re missing out on a living tradition rich in the history and knowledge to which all of us are still tied in some form by the food we eat and the agrarian traditions that make all of our lives possible. Of course it’s far more than just a celebration of the animal husbandry and the skills of country living; the county fair is rural culture at its best with rides and funnel cakes and shows and … fun!

The County Fair runs through July 30th.

The song in this piece is “Western Country by Shake That Little Foot and you can download it for free HERE.


One Response to The County Fair is Nigh!

  1. Jane says:

    OK, that’s it, I’ve gotta go now. You really captured the spirit and tradition of the fair. I especially love the shaky handwriting on that jar of green beans. That’s somebody’s grandma!


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