(“Mountain of the Holy Cross,” date and photographer unknown. Courtesy of Special Collections, Pikes Peak Library District. Image Number: 257-6347.)

Full-page photogravure from unidentified publication, showing Mount of the Holy Cross. Caption below reads “Mountain of the Holy Cross. From the crest of Fremont Pass, and also from Tennessee Pass, can be seen this snow white banner of the Christian faith, set high against the brown brow of the mountain. The cross is formed by two transverse canons of immense depth, riven down and across the mountain; in these canons lies eternal snow. The symbol is perfect, and while gazing with wonder and awe upon this “sign set in the heavens,” the traveler, who has looked upon so many wonderful things in nature, realizes that he has now reached the height “around whose summit splendid visions rise,” as he beholds that snow white cross shining high above all the turbulence and din of earthly strife.”


3 Responses to PPLD Historic Photo of the Day, 7/19/11: “Mountain of the Holy Cross”

  1. 'Letta says:

    I’m wondering are there more pics or is this the only one? In reading the other comments, it sounds like there are more. I would like to see more.

  2. R Morlan says:

    The photo of Mountain of the holy cross shows the mountain before one arm of the cross was blown off by the army when they were using it as target practice during world war II. The mountain no longer looks quite like this, still very nice but not the same.


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