Mike Bristol, founder of Bristol Brewing, was kind enough to walk us through his brewery, explain the process and wax philosophical about the merits of local beer culture. [Full Disclosure: Bristol Brewing underwrites with KRCC & The Big Something]





3 Responses to The Birth of Beer: A Tour of the Bristol Brewery

  1. Mike Procell says:

    You guys did wash yer hands before sampling the goods right?

  2. Wow! It is really inspiring when people take their passions seriously enough to make a living out of it. Entrepreneurship is a very bold stance to take in today’s world of utter mediocrity.Customers can be fairly ruthless and to actually go ahead with all guns blazing and giving all you have takes a lot of guts! Kudos to Mike Bristol for making his dream come true!

  3. Ruth says:

    Just finished watching both videos. I’m heading down south Tejon to pick up some fresh Laughing Lab, my fave.


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