In 1958, Colorado Springs artist Lew Tilley produced a couple of magnificent films whilst in the employ of the Alexander Film Company concern. The first film explores the confluence of public libraries, public safety, cooking and more! The second film examines the amateur rocket craze that swept the Pikes Peak region in the late 50’s, sort of… it’s also kind of about dancing, I suppose. Both films transport the viewer unto a time of civic beatnikality. Enjoy.

Special thanks to the Pikes Peak Library District for making these marvelous videos available to us all!


4 Responses to Of Rockets & Libraries

  1. Mary Ellen says:

    Is the darling girl going to the library Eve Tilley?

  2. Eve Tilley says:

    Daddy did not want me involved in the “Business” so it was not I in the library film.

  3. Craig Richardson says:

    Thanks for clearing up the mystery, Eve!

    • Eve Tilley says:

      No problem. Another thing, though – I think he was a freelance filmmaker when he made these films and was later hired by Alexander Film Company to make theatre screen commercials and television advertisements, both of which are very different from these two “documentaries”.


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