Jón Gnarr

…Of Reykjavik, Iceland and the honorary Mayor of The Big Something, Jón Gnarr. Over the last several months of Strong Mayor machinations and maneuvrements we’ve interested ourselves in the radically different approach to city governance taken in Reykjavik. In 2009, actor and comedian Jón Gnarr formed the Best Party with other Icelandic artists and musicians including Einar Örn Benediktsson of the Sugarcubes and Óttar Proppé of Dr. Spock. The political party was formed with the aim of lightening the mood in Reykjavik following the financial collapse of 2008 and offering an alternative to traditionally banal politics. The crazy thing is, it worked. The Best Party won a plurality of the vote taking 6 of the 15 seats on the city council thereby granting Gnarr the Mayorship.

The platform of the party is enchantingly presented in a music video the candidates produced based on Tina Turner’s aspirational classic, Simply the Best. Oh, and don’t worry if you don’t speak Icelandic, there are subtitles.

Now, for the fun of it, let us compare and contrast the above video with the campaign offerings of Colorado Springs’ most recent mayoral contendors, Steve Bach and Richard Skorman.


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