(The old Buena Vista School by Myron Wood, August 1981. Copyright Pikes Peak Library District. Image Number: 002-5876.)

Buena Vista Radio (right-click or option-click on blue link to download)

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Over the course of this past school year I’ve been working with a group of 4th and 5th graders in Leigh Slimp-Virgo’s class at Buena Vista Montessori where my son goes to school to help them produce a radio program that reflects the students interests. What resulted is a variety show for the next generation—an all girl sports show, an old-school top-40 radio program (the format that never dies), radio theater a la Prairie Home Companion but full of zombies, and a quiz show that would make Richard Dawson and Peter Sagal proud.

We hope you will enjoy it!


7 Responses to A Prairie School Companion

  1. Jessica Wheeler says:

    LOVE IT!! What a great job you all did! Noel, you are the best! đŸ˜€

  2. Lori Chavez says:

    I love it! I’m so proud of all of you guys! Good Job

  3. Linda & Russ Knight says:



  4. Mary Heimerman says:

    This reminds me of Radio AAHZ in Minnesota. Full time radio station run by another radio station, but all announcers (and other jobs) were kids. They worked as volunteers in rotations from different schools in the city, and played all kid-approprioate music. They did news shows and music shows, and interviews – lots of great positive programming. I listened to this station, before I had kids, a lot more than the regular stations.

  5. carole clark says:

    Excellent interview and great True personality on all involved. I love to watch Roller Derby in Taos, NM . The Whip Lashes are only a few seasons old, but are getting better everyday. Good Luck Poison Ivy

  6. Joyce Cheney says:

    Way to go, BV Radio Students, Miss Slimp-Virgo, and Mr. Black!
    You did a great job on everything. My favorite: The quiz show. It was LOL funny – great music tracks!

  7. Strider says:

    This was a feat of great broadcasting! Nice soundtrack as well.

    “They ate Evan!”


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