On this date in 1936, John Gaw Meem’s new Fine Arts Center building opened amid pomp heretofore unseen west of the Mighty Mississip. Bringing with it the promise of the West as a new cultural frontier with a week-long opening gala celebration complete with avant-garde exhibits and performances, featuring the groundbreaking works of Picasso, Cezanne, Martha Graham, Alexander Calder together with the luminaries of the Broadmoor Academy.

In the following slide show take a look back at the FAC’s 75 year history.


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2 Responses to Happy 75th Anniversary, FAC

  1. Betty Jo says:

    This wonderful portrait by great artist Peter Hurd is a delight to see this morning. I’ve missed seeing it out on a gallery wall at the FAC for the last few years. Peter Hurd, a native of Roswell, New Mexico, was a student of the great N.C. Wyeth and married to his daughter, Henriette Wyeth, an esteemed artist as well. Congratulation to the FAC on the anniversary; how fortunate the citizens of Colorado Springs are to have such a treasure in our city.

  2. A.L. says:

    Gerald Marr has been hanging for the last 18-24 mos. at the FAC. In fact, 2 years ago Mr. Marr was here for an opening at the FAC. He still lives in NM on a ranch which raises thorougbred horses. Come and see the 75th show…you’ll see many, many old favs.

    A FAC docent


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