Artist Streeter Wright has been paying his way through Colorado College for the past five years by working as a roughneck on the gas rigs in Western Colorado. The schedule is grueling: 14 days of 12 hour shifts followed by 14 days off. While he’s working, Wright takes pictures of the people, tools and machinery on the rigs, which he then transforms into detailed pencil drawings on small pieces of vintage notebook paper he found in his grandparents’ storage locker. The resulting 34 drawings shown here have the look, feel and attention of a naturalist’s sketchbook discovered in an old trunk—a guidebook to the culture of the rigs. In this audio-slideshow, Wright walks us through a world that few outsiders ever visit.


One Response to A Naturalist’s Guide to Gas Rigs

  1. Tracey says:

    I love the way Wright, through his eye and artwork, has gleaned beauty from a roughneck world – reminds me very much of the poetry of B. H. Fairchild.


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