Heidi Lewis, Riley Scholar-in-Residence in the Feminist and Gender Studies department at the Colorado College explores the way African-American homosexual males have been depicted on television from the 80’s to the present day.

NOTE: The above video contains adult subject subject matter and themes, viewer discretion is advised.


14 Responses to Micro Lecture: Representations of Black Gay Men on Television

  1. Vicky says:

    Very interesting! Thanks for this analysis!

  2. Kristy says:

    This is such a great piece! Thanks for doing it!

  3. Mary Ellen says:

    Now I appreciate Omar even more!

  4. Laura says:

    Excellent. Enjoyed this humane, intelligent exploration of our species.

  5. Liz says:

    What an articulate young woman. Thanks for sharing her research and knowledge with us.

  6. Robin says:

    Things that make you go Hum , Now I see. Wonderful!1

  7. elizabeth says:

    great topic and interesting

  8. Tracy Mattox says:

    Wonderful insight! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Mary H says:

    Great job Heidi, and I so agree with you. Dialog is healthy. And representing any people outside of the stereotype is moreso.

  10. Claire Garcia says:

    Thought-provoking lecture delivered with clarity and verve~ Thanks, Heidi!

  11. Karima Amin says:

    Well done, Heidi! Kudos to you! I hope this film sparks increased dialogue about a subject that is pretty much kept under wraps in our community.

  12. Barb Van Hoy says:

    Very interesting and well done! KRCC, please do more of these! However, I thought for sure she would mention Six Feet Under’s Keith (who was the partner of central character David). Before Omar, Keith was a tough, introverted, quiet, and not closeted black gay man (and police officer). I always thought of that character as a real pioneer in representing black gay men with depth and finesse, and bucking the stereotypes.

  13. Craig Richardson says:

    Hey Barb, I must confess that it’s my fault that Keith Charles didn’t make an appearance. Heidi did indeed talk about him, but unfortunately it ended up on the cutting room floor, like a lot of other really good stuff, that’s the thing that is always torturous about the editing process… But thanks for bringing him up, I encourage those that are unfamiliar with Six Feet Under to check it out, especially in the context of this lecture.

  14. Craig Richardson says:

    Also, yes, we will be doing more of these. Many more are in-process at this very moment. The Big Something Micro Lectures will be an ongoing series featuring faculty from the Colorado College, the Air Force Academy, UCCS, CSU Pueblo, etc.


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