Colorado Springs native and Colorado College alumnus Thaddeus Phillips returns to the Springs to premiere his new play, 17 Border Crossings, at the Manitou Art Theatre.

17 Border Crossings opens tonight and runs through Sunday.
For more information, you can visit the Manitou Art Theatre’s website HERE.


2 Responses to 17 Border Crossings

  1. Joyce Cheney says:

    How do you manage to find such interesting topics every day – and then find the time and the “spin” to make such interesting pieces? Are there duds on the cutting room floor or do you have a hit every time as it seems to this fan? This week, I particularly appreciated the content of the micro-lecture and the production value (great editing) of todays MAT promo. Thank you for being boosters of Springs culture.

  2. Craig Richardson says:

    Aw shucks, Joyce. Thanks for the very kind words. It means a lot to us.


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