We sat down with Colorado Springs Philharmonic CEO Nathan Newbrough to get to the bottom of all of the rumors surrounding the return of the Battle of the Batons, an event the Philharmonic’s predecessor, the Colorado Springs Symphony, traditionally presented wherein well-known and impactful personages in the community were given the conductors baton and set loose on a professional orchestra. The above video includes incredibly rare footage from one of the last times the Battle of the Batons was held in 1989 (see the whole video, in two parts, below.)

The 2011 Battle of the Batons will be held February 5th at 8pm at the Pikes Peak Center in Colorado Springs. You can receive a substantial discount on ticket prices by clicking HERE and using promotional code: TRIO

By popular demand we have added the complete video from the 1989 Battle of the Batons in two parts. Enjoy!



6 Responses to Battle of the Batons: A Peaceful Conversation with Nathan Newbrough

  1. Jeremy Van Hoy says:

    We’re not playing Dvorak 8, but pretty much every thing else ever written for orchestra!

  2. Craig says:

    Jeremy, how is this going to work? I mean, as a member of the orchestra, will you simply ignore the conductor or will you take direction – for good or ill from whatever gesticulating batonist happens to be perched before you? It’d be interesting if the orchestra earnestly followed the direction of these conductors, well, maybe it’d be interesting for a few minutes anyway. Also, I think I would choose Dvorak’s 8th if I were ever deemed luminous and scionic enough to engage in baton battle.

  3. Noah says:

    I want to see more of that 1989 video, please.

  4. Jeremy Van Hoy says:

    Well… it depends on the conductor. You do know that Amanda will sell way more tix than you could, Craig! šŸ˜‰

  5. Craig says:

    Noah – I just uploaded the full video of the 1989 Battle of the Batons for your viewing pleasure.

    Jeremy – I never have been much of a salesman.

  6. Randy Fisher says:

    One of the grand memories of my career, and the video shows it’s warranted (I can’t believe there’s a video!!) Let’s see, if I start driving tonight from California, I can just make it to the sequel! Have a grand time, Jeremy! I”m guessing you’ll have a moment or two to steal the spotlight!

    Seems to me the 1989 version was a fundraiser, which included mock bribes to the Olympic Committee of judges. I hope the community rallies with something of the magic Bea Vradenburg could stir in those halcyon days. Best wishes –


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